GLOBAL TEAM - International Manufacturer's Representatives

Our Process

GlobalTeam can research PPE manufacturers, and provide a list to the Customer,  GlobalTeam assists with any pre-qualification.

Quoting and sourcing is done by the Customer directly with the assistance of GlobalTeam.

- OR -

A RFQ generated by your company can be sent to GlobalTeam (GT) electronically.

  • GT reviews RFQ for completeness, timing, and Vietnam comprehension.

  • GT sends RFQ package to 3 or 4 Vietnam PPE Manufacturers and follows up to assure a complete understanding of customer expectations. 

  • GT receives quotations from Vietnam PPE Manufacturers and reviews them for completeness and adherence to the RFQ.  GT forwards the quotations to you in a timely manner.

  • Your company reviews the quotations, and GT handles any questions or clarifications.  Your company selects a PPE Manufacturer.  If a Vietnam PPE Manufacturer is awarded the Purchase Order, GT provides all necessary contact information to both your company and the Vietnam PPE Manufacture.