GLOBAL TEAM - International Manufacturer's Representatives


nIn-Country Support 

GLOBALTEAM  has in-country support to monitor your product during all phases of manufacture, to assure your product is built to your specifications. 

Request for Quotation Supportn

While our Vietnamese manufacturers makers have English speaking employees, GLOBALTEAM assists with your RFQ's by interpreting any misunderstandings between the English and Vietnam languages and cultures. 

Quotation Managementn

GLOBALTEAM reviews the Vietnam quotations for completeness, and if necessary, contacts the Vietnam manufacturer to correct any incomplete data before quote submission. 

Project Management

GLOBALTEAM monitors the weekly status reports and works with the Vietnam manufacturer to assure compliance to the schedule. 

Product Changes

GLOBALTEAM works with both you and the Vietnam manufacturer to assure complete understanding of product, quantity, or schedule change and their cost and timing impact.